Our People.

Meet Our People

Brian Mauch


Brian obtained both law and commerce degrees from the University of British Columbia, and then combined his education with his passion for computers to form BMC Networks in 1997.

Brian focuses on strategic planning and advice for our clients.

Mojtaba (Moe) Manavipour

Sr. Operations Manager

“IT is the business and Customer Service is the game. The winners know how to play the game.”

With over 17 years of IT experience and years of professional and personal training, Mojtaba has been able to develop the skills required to deliver “an exceptional customer journey”.

Aside from putting a smile on your face, Moe has the ability to translate corporate objectives into information technology requirements to achieve those objectives.

Ronald Lai

Client Account Manager

Ronald has made it his personal mission to build a trusted relationship with each client by listening, educating, and finding the right IT solution to solve business problems for firms of all sizes.

Whenever there is a need for quality customer service and technical knowledge, Ronald will be available to assist you with a smile.

Lee Ingram

Sr. Infrastructure Administrator

Lee’s persistence and curiosity with computers first paid off at the age of 11 when he managed to configure his own home network.

Now you’re most likely to find him knee-deep in cabling or cheerfully fixing a client’s computer.

Kaury Pabla

Purchasing & Events Manager

Kaury’s 15 years of Administration and Event Planning experience have allowed her to develop a unique skill aptly named “Herding Cats”. You’ll find her working behind a number of scenes, furiously typing emails to pull off internal and external events, along with supplying quotes and products to our clients. Anyone need a party for a new server?

Andreea Keigher

Sr. Systems Consultant

Andreea has a Computer Engineering background but decided to pursue a career in IT instead. Always ready to help out, she takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and an open mind.

Debra Fehr

Human Resources Manager

When Debra isn’t slaying it as BMC’s primary Human Resources person, she is attending school and trying to find time to nerd out on various things, such as video games or science fiction novels. An outgoing introvert, Debra enjoys being with people as much as she enjoys making formulas on one of her many excel spreadsheets.

Joel Todd

Sr. Systems Administrator

With almost a decade of experience, Joel brings his calm and focused demeanor to the IT field. While much of Joel’s experience is with large organizations, he is excited to be working within a more compact model. Joel’s intuitiveness and problem-solving abilities make him a great asset to the BMC team.

Kevin Lee

Sr. Manager, Project Services

Kevin has been in the IT industry for over 13 years, working in and supporting organizations ranging from large corporations to small businesses. His portfolio includes everything from consulting work to managed IT services. When Kevin is not working on projects, you will most likely find him playing or coaching badminton.

Chontel Denton

Manager, Helpdesk

With a background in telecommunications client relations and management, Chontel is excited about her recent change in career direction and joining BMC. With a passion for providing a great client experience and keeping our technicians organized, Chontel plays an integral part within the BMC team.

Steven Hertel

Manager, Support Services

Steven has returned to BMC (and his senses) after a 3 year stint in Toronto. He is excited to be back as manager of the support team. With a background in electronics, he has been in the IT industry since the big Y2K scare working for diverse companies both large and small, always with a focus on providing high levels of client satisfaction.

Sam Lee

Director, Business Development

Sam has extensive experience in bringing results in serving diverse client types, ranging anywhere from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He believes that aiming for the success of a client is always the straight line to striking success, and he always delivers on every front—excellent sales, uncompromising work ethic, and infectiously fun energy.

John MacDonald

Systems Consultant

I’m John Macdonald. I’ve heard every 1st Prime Minister joke ever. Haha. They are all very clever and funny. When I’m not working with computers, I can be found feeding the pigeons at Queen Elizabeth Park. I also like taking long walks and romcom movies. My favourite is 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

Stacy Patrick

Systems Support Specialist

Stacy is one of the most vegan members of the BMC team. Her bubbly personality is an asset in addition to her passion to assist and solve problems thanks to her BSc degree in Computing Science from SFU. When off the job her interests include playing the harp, attending music festivals, rescuing and releasing local wildlife and tending to her cats. But most of all, the world of online gaming keeps Stacy out of the malls.

Morgan McCallum

Systems Administrator

Morgan is a writer and musician that took a shine to technology at a young age. He’s been working in IT for 6 years, starting at BMC in February 2016. He brings with him a broad array of experience from working in small, medium, and large, level firms within several different industries. When not “geeking out” with the latest and greatest tech, Morgan also chases his other passion – language. He is a qualified Sign Language interpreter! The eclectic mix of skills seems to work well for him.

Peter Amy

Helpdesk Technician

Peter has enthusiastically started his IT career with BMC and is working towards excellency within the company. His specialties are hardware and networking, and focusing on certifications from CISCO and COMPTIA.

“Someday, there’s going to be an updated version of me.”

Ciaran Pender

Systems Consultant

Ciaran recently joined BMC, after almost 2 years in Toronto. With a degree in Business Information Systems and 8 years of experience in IT he is excited to be developing his skills further at BMC. When not spending time fixing computers you will most likely find Ciaran enjoying the local mountains on his bike or snowboard.

Kim Lam

Office Manager

Kim came to BMC with a beauty background but quickly became “ The Super Bookkeeper” . She enjoys keeping the team safe, stocked and super sorted. Besides providing kick butt office support, Kim has a passion for filling other people’s stomachs with healthy and delicious grub, which she pursues through her meal prep service on the days she’s not in the office. Her other days are spent indulging on plum wine.

Zak Al-Dhamari

Helpdesk Technician

Enthusiastic Zaki can’t wait to answer your support requests. He brings to BMC his sense of wonder and hunger for knowledge. He wants nothing more than to delight our clients with his friendly, prompt, and erudite assistance. When not at work, Zaki pursues his hobby of watching action movies. He often boasts about having seen every Jean Claude Van Damme movie in existence. When asked why he likes them so much, he says, “because there is a lot of kicking.”

Aaron Deas

Helpdesk Technician

Aaron has international experience working IT for nearly a decade. His work exudes a stoic confidence and he maintains productivity even in the most stressful situations. With a strong balance of technical and non-technical expertise, he is curious and eager to learn new concepts and ideas and feels you can never be too zealous in your endeavor for knowledge.

Pedram Ataee

Systems Support Specialist

Pedram’s passion and enthusiasm for digital world has given him years of experience in IT and specially MSP (Managed Service Provider) which helps him resolving technical issues with patience and integrity. He’s always keen to learn new technologies and improving his knowledge. He has MCSA and working towards getting more advanced certificates.

Bryan Javier

Systems Support Specialist

Bryan (the second) comes to BMC with a thirst for knowledge, and a hunger to do right by the client. You’ll find him at the edge of your tech peripheral, waiting for the opportune moment to solve a problem that you didn’t even see coming. Now you see him, now he’s gone – as is your tech issue.

Francis Pare

Jr. Systems Consultant

Francis brings his inquisitive nature and childlike wonder to every IT problem he faces. When not at work, he plays keyboards in a Police tribute band called Message in a Bottle. He also collects interesting rocks and bits of driftwood.

Francis started with BMC as a Practicum student, and has proved himself a great addition to the BMC team.

Jim Brown

Executive Advisor

Jim has over 35 years of senior business and management experience. Since 2004 he has worked as a business consultant with the prime purpose of helping small to medium size companies to become and remain successful.

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